Spelt & Sprouted Grains


Spelt Flour 30%, water, Rye flour, sprouted grains & seed mix (10%) linseed, barley, lentils, mung beans, rye. Gluten (dry), yeast, vinegar, iodised salt, mineral salt (516), emulsifier (481), enzyme (amylase).

  • Contains gluten
  • May contain sesame seeds
  • Suitable for vegans

Spelt and Sprouted grains

  • See below for information on FODMAP and sourdough
  • Other nutrients all mentioned above

Servings per loaf: 8
Serving size: 80g (2 slices)

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Product Information

Spelt wheat (ancient grain) dates back to 1700 BC where it was an important staple to the diet in central Europe. In the late 1800’s baking wheat started to take over from spelt wheat.

It wasn’t until the 20th Century that spelt was to be reintroduced and make a comeback It always amazes me how we are all going back to the old ways of doing things, Ancient grains and Sour dough’s.

Creating Spelt and Sprouted Grains bread is a labour of love. It is a lengthy process that starts with triple soaking of Mung beans, linseed, lentils, rye grains,  and barley. These are allowed to sprout naturally until germinated. The sprouted grains are then blended with spelt wheat flour and rye flour.

  • Rich in proteins, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • Coupled with starches in the grain, it is easily digested
  • Full-flavored bread providing a rich energy source that cannot be matched.
  • Enjoy this as a sandwich or toasted with your favourite toppings.

Sourdough – FODMAP

Sourdough refers to the slow fermentation process while the dough rests. During fermentation, microflora digests the starches and produce lactic acid and carbon dioxide. While they digest the starches they also degrade some of the proteins. The protein being degraded is gluten, therefore reducing the concentration in the end-product. The lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body by helping neutralise the phytates in flour that would interfere with their absorption.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Average Quantity per serving
  • Average Quantity per 100gr
  • energy
  • 790kj
  • 988kj
  • protein
  • 9.5g
  • 11.9g
  • fat total
  • 1.3g
  • 1.6g
  • saturated
  • 0.5g
  • 0.6g
  • trans
  • Less than 0.1g
  • Less than 0.1g
  • polyunsaturated
  • 0.3g
  • 0.4g
  • monounsaturated
  • 0.5g
  • 0.6g
  • carbohydrate
  • 31.8g
  • 39.7g
  • sugars
  • 1.9g
  • 2.4g
  • dietary fibre total
  • 5.2g
  • 6.5g
  • sodium
  • 256mg
  • 320mg